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The Big Secret

There’s a secret that most internet marketers aren’t telling you: list building and email marketing are becoming more and more difficult every day.

Email lists are becoming less and less responsive and open rates are decreasing.

That’s because email lists are becoming full of fake email addresses or secondary “junk” email addresses that few people ever check.


You see, people have become accustomed to dedicating a “secondary” email account to what they consider junk or promotional stuff and they ALWAYS use THAT email address for claiming freebies on landing pages. Needless to say, they almost NEVER check that inbox.

Or, in some cases they’ll even type in a fake email address or just some random gibberish into the opt-in form.  Remember: their goal is to get your free gift without getting your promotional emails in their primary email inbox.

The Result?

The Result:

A list that hardly makes you any money. In fact, it’s a list that loses money. You’re paying for PPC and solo ads to drive traffic to these landing pages as well as paying higher rates to your autoresponder service as your list grows - and you’re not making any money because nobody is opening your emails.

If this trend continues, it could mean dark times ahead for email marketing as we know it.

If this trend continues, it could mean dark times ahead for email marketing as we know it...

The internet marketing community desperately needs a solution. But what kind of solution could possibly increase the quality of opt-ins and leads? What could possibly give internet marketers a fighting chance to get their emails seen by real eyeballs in inboxes that are actually checked?

The IM Community Needs A Solution:

So We've Made One...


After months of preparation, we’ve finally developed a game-changing software that can solve these problems and rescue email marketing once and for all.

Warlord Mobile Leads is a simple but powerful software that can actually reach into mobile users’ phones and tablets and magically grab their PRIMARY email address and real name.

Yes, you heard that right. You’ll be able to send your promotional emails DIRECTLY to a lead’s PRIMARY email inbox – the one they actually check regularly.  People are 3X more likely to open emails in their primary inbox.

But it doesn’t stop there: You see, since Warlord Mobile Leads Captures the actual name associated with the person’s email account, you’ll be able to personalize your promotional emails by putting their name in the subject line. Did you know that personalizing an email with an actual name can increase open rates by up to 29% and make your email marketing as much as 73% more profitable?

Now, with Warlord Mobile Leads, You’ll be able to leverage BOTH of these awesome factors together. You’ll be sending emails to people’s PRIMARY inboxes AND personalizing them.

How It Works...

When you log in to your Warlord Mobile Leads software, you’ll be able to generate a special little button, we like to call it the “magic button” that you’ll then add to your landing page.  The button will be fully integrated with your autoresponder service and can be customized to fit the look and feel of your brand or landing page.

On the surface it will seem like just another landing page, but when that magic button is touched, the Warlord Mobile Leads software will prompt the mobile device to submit the user's primary email address and real name to your autoresponder list, all in the form of a request to obtain your free gift or lead magnet (which you'll need to ensure is set to auto-deliver through your autoresponder).  Note: As always, ensure your optin page has a link to a privacy policy that explains they are opting in to your email list.

Where Can You Put These Magic Buttons?

These buttons can be placed on just about any landing page platform or website builder that allows html shortcode elements, including:

Wordpress, Optimize Press 2.0., Instapage, Weebly, Turbo List Builder, and well... you get the idea 😉

Don’t worry: this is COMPLETELY LEGAL and COMPLETELY Non-invasive.  The user will be fully aware that this is happening before they finish submitting their opt-in.

In the background, Warlord Mobile Leads will automatically add that GOLDEN information to your designated list or campaign within your autoresponder service. And you’ll start building the most high-quality, responsive list you’ve ever had!

Works With:

GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, iContact, Constant Contact, SendReach

(You can also integrate with most other autoresponders via third-party integration apps like Zapier. Tutorial inside. You can also, of course, manually collect these golden leads if you want.)

Coming Soon:

Currently Testing API Integrations with several other autoresponders.  Our Goal is ALL Major Autoresponders by Dec 2017! Your requests in the members area help us prioritize our added integrations!

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Now naturally we’re certain that you’ll be head-over-heels in love with this product. Nonetheless, we’re prepared to offer you our Iron Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Try Warlord Mobile Leads out for 30 days and if you aren’t 100% satisfied we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


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