The 100% PROVEN Business Model: I'll Show You The Proof Right On This Page...

With Master (Transferable) PLR Rights, YOU become the PLR Vendor. Rather than selling these products as "end products" to "end users", you're actually selling them as PLR to other marketers just like you who want to buy PLR materials to sell or give away as their own.

In other words, it's literally what YOU just did on the previous page, but this time you're in OUR shoes pocketing the profit as a PLR vendor.

Why Buy MPLR?

PLR is one of the Most profitable but Least talked about sub-industries within Internet Marketing.  Unlike anything else you'll sell, there is ALWAYS a high demand for PLR.  Think about it: there are MILLIONS of marketing veterans and newbies trying to build their list, fill their blogs, makes sales, and so on. What's the ONE thing they ALL will ALWAYS need? Content! Products! Lead magnets! Attractive, Shiny, Useful "Thingys" to offer for free or for sale!  All the while, the makers and suppliers of PLR are sitting back and enjoying the profits from a product that they know will ALWAYS be in demand. And they aren't telling anyone about it.

100% Verifiable Proof

Here's The Proof: Do You Trust Your Own Judgement?

YOU Just Bought Viking PLR. YOU Already Know It Sells. You ARE the 100% Proof That These Products Are Attractive, That They Sell And That This Business Model Works!

Your Unfair Advantage

Look at most PLR vendors today and you'll notice one thing they all have in common: Most PLR is UGLY and OLD and LOW QUALITY.  And guess what: IT STILL SELLS!  Why? Because of that high, unending demand.

Now if they're so successful selling ugly, outdated, and low quality stuff: imagine how much of an advantage you'll have selling GORGEOUS, NEW, HIGH QUALITY Viking PLR products. Actually, you don't need to imagine it. You already know because you already bought a Viking PLR package yourself!

AND, since you already know you'll be getting 2 new Viking PLR packs EVERY MONTH, you can set up your own PLR store/business and add to it each month.  So that would be an awesome income stream IN ADDITION to the other one where you sell these as "end-products"!

Shhh... Nobody Has To Know That You're Getting These Every Month For Such A Low Cost!

Think of us as the "wholesale supplier" to your "retail" PLR store.  Nobody needs to know that you're getting these PLR packages (each one worth $500) plus Master Resale Rights (worth $500) for next to nothing.  You can literally charge your PLR-hungry customers whatever you want!  They'll pay. You already know they will.  Because YOU literally just bought them on the previous sales page.  When's the last time you had such an enormous, done-for-you business opportunity at your fingertips? One that you knew for certain could work?

How It Works

Basically, every month when we deliver your TWO Viking PLR Packages (6 products) we'll ALSO send you an MPLR license allowing you resell the PLR rights to other people.  This STILL includes the right to completely re-title, rebrand, and modify. So, for example, you are free to change a product to "Bullfrog PLR" and sell PLR rights to your new and unique product.  Imagine the possibilities.

The rights that you are allowed to sell are the same as the ones you bought on the previous sales page. Your customers will have full white label private label rights to give away as a lead magnet, sell as a product, keep the Viking branding or rebrand as their own as well as the right to edit, modify, etc as they see fit. We'll even include a license PDF/explanation of rights for you to pass on to them.

How should you sell these?  It's totally up to you, but we recommend you set up a funnel a little like the one you are in right now. Example: Offer the Viking Affiliate Marketing cheat sheet as a lead magnet, then bundle the book and video course together as a Front End sale, then, as an upsell, offer PLR rights to the whole set!  AND you can even add an ADDITIONAL upsell where you offer a monthly membership with more deliveries in the future.  Want to increase you conversion rate? Well unlike other PLR memberships, keep in mind we're giving you TWO whole PLR sets per month, so you can take that example and double everything through the whole bundle.  TWO cheatsheets as the lead magnet. TWO books and TWO video courses as the front end paid product.  Then upsell to PLR rights for TWO sets.  And that's just this month. Remember there is no limit on bundling. So next month you can have FOUR of everything in the funnel.  And then SIX, and so on. Or just have separate funnels for each package.

Are You Starting To See The INSANE Value Of This?

Decision Time


30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

As always, try it out risk-free for 30-days and if for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked!


MPLR Restrictions:

There's only a few restrictions on these rights and most of them are obvious:

  1. You can't claim to be the original creators of Viking PLR. But if you completely rebrand them you can claim whatever you want 😉 (Note: don't get this confused with the ability to claim authorship, etc that came with your basic PLR rights. You CAN claim to be the author/creator of the Viking Marketing products (i.e. Viking Internet Marketing by John Smith). We specifically mean you cannot claim to be the originator of the Viking "PLR" Line of products.
  2. You obviously can't launch these as "Viking PLR" in a marketplace like JVZoo, Clickbank, etc, because WE are Viking PLR and it already exists. So you have to sell the PLR rights separately on your own sales pages or (recommended) on the back end of your Viking Funnels. Again, if you completely rebrand these, you can sell/launch them how ever you want
  3. You can't sell these to or via one of those super cheap PLR/MRR wholesale stores. This severely devalues the product.
  4. You cannot pass MASTER PLR rights to anyone, you can only sell them PLR rights (i.e. they can't turn around and sell a PLR license to someone else after buying it from you).
  5. For the first 12 months starting from date of purchase, you cannot sell PLR rights for less than $27. This is to maintain the value of the product 🙂

By purchasing this product, you are agreeing to and bound by the restrictions above.